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About Champion Health


The Backstory.

Champion Health started in Springwood, Brisbane in 2016 with only 1 team member and physiotherapist – James Grafton.

James had become well known for treating patients where other health professionals had not been able to help them get results. Over time, these clients with complex, chronic or lifelong conditions would resonate with Champion Health’s greatest frustrations regarding the health industry.

We would repeatedly hear stories such as;

  • ‘The health professional said that it was all fixed. They never called me to see how I was and I still struggle with pain and can’t walk.’
  • ‘It took me over 6 months to even get an appointment!’
  • ‘None of the medical professionals I saw explained what would happen or how long it would take’
  • ‘My medical professionals never talk to each other.’
  • ‘My health professional is always running over 30 minutes late and I’d be lucky to get a greeting walking in’ from the reception’.

Time For A Change.

As health professionals, we would be upset in hearing how our health system was letting people down who genuinely wanted to and could improve.

We realised that people simply aren’t being ‘cared’ for any longer in the health industry.

Champion Health is a growing team of allied health professionals including; physiotherapy, exercise physiology, dietitians, diabetic educators, massage therapists, psychologists and occupational therapists who enforce excellent standards of patient care, convenience and transparency in treatment.

We recognise that people are not numbers, and each individual has their own unique story with pain, interests, worries, fears and expectations.

Champion Health is your ultimate support for health throughout your life’s journey and we will help you surpass your goals – even if they take a lifetime!

Our Values.

  • Excellence
    1. We care wholeheartedly about how we help our clients and always put in our best effort.
    2. We communicate instantly with others in the team to best convenience and maximise results for clients
  • Leadership
    1. We lead by example, shaping our habits and lives to bring about maximal health
    2. We act as guides to help our colleagues and clients to achieve their unique goals through clear directions and support.
  • Communication
    1. We provide clear treatment plans unique to each client and their lifestyle
    2. We measure improvement, provide realistic time frames and over-deliver on our promises!


We exist to provide the greatest healthcare customer-centric experience in the world so that we do not lose sight of the importance of human connection.


We believe in treating all people with dignity and respect and walking alongside them throughout their life to maximize health.

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