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How much sleep do I need? How can bad sleep effect me?

Are you getting Enough sleep at night? In this fast pasted often hectic modern world, sleep is an activity that is often over looked. Many of us utilise this time to catch up on work, exercise, TV programs, social media and computer / video games. Adequate sleep plays a key role in weight loss. Numerous […]

Champion physiotherapy no more we are now Champion Health! Why?

History Champion Physiotherapy was started in 2016 by James Grafton when he first moved into a small shop at 2-14 Murrajong Road in Springwood.We were blessed with amazing patients. These patients often came to us out of desperation and had heard we had special skills in managing complex presentations and chronic pain. Many of these […]

What is the difference between a Personal Trainer & Exercise Physiologist?

Personal Trainers can become accredited in less than 6 weeks of training. They are qualified to design and deliver fitness programs to persons who are considered ‘low risk’ i.e. healthy people with no history of diseases or issues. Accredited Exercise Physiologists are also known as AEP’s. AEP’s are trained at university for over 4 years giving […]

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