Champion physiotherapy no more we are now Champion Health! Why?


Champion Physiotherapy was started in 2016 by James Grafton when he first moved into a small shop at 2-14 Murrajong Road in Springwood.
We were blessed with amazing patients. These patients often came to us out of desperation and had heard we had special skills in managing complex presentations and chronic pain.

Many of these patients had heart-wrenching stories; surgeries have gone wrong, poor healthcare, unexplained symptoms or pain. At the end of the day, it was never about being ‘cured’. It became about learning to manage what they were experiencing and improving their lives as much as possible.

These experiences ignited our passion for quality healthcare treatment. Whilst we established ourselves as no-nonsense, results-driven health professionals, the reality is that we created something more exciting. We created a team of leaders that coached patients into permanent improvements.

It was originally all about physiotherapy. We came to realize that this was only the starting point of our patient’s journey. Patients were demanding (unconsciously) health professionals! With skills in coaching and accountability to help them recognize their value to the world and assert that these improvements would last. This was the craziest part. 

We could see that every single patient is invaluable to the world. Many of them lost themselves because of hyper-focusing on the pain and discomfort that was affecting their lives rather than focusing on everything they could still do.

When we helped our patients, we empowered them by lessening the pain. Most importantly orientating them to find joy in the passions they once had. Or in many cases, never had.

We added new services, not just Physiotherapy


Towards the end of 2016, we added massage therapy, dietetics, and exercise physiology services to Champion Physiotherapy. At this point, it became clear we were no longer about Physiotherapy. Above all we are all about people & excellent health service. This is when Champion Health as we know it was born.

These added services enabled us to look after the patients who were financially destitute by offering $10, professionally-led exercise classes. These classes are one of our greatest points of pride; they offer the patient and clinician the chance to check in regularly. Including a professional perspective but most importantly it built a community with people who had similar issues.

Patients who struggled to get out of bed, had bad side effects from medicine or crippling back pain could talk to other people with the same issues. The best part was that they started talking to other people who genuinely wanted to improve. As a result, they weren’t stuck in the all too easy depressive tendencies. 

Many conversations helped different patients persevere and improve their outcomes.  The trap for many patients was talking to other people who had afflictions but weren’t looking to improve or use what they had. They just identified themselves as invalid or disabled.

We moved locations to better help our clients

In 2018, we recognized that our small clinic needed a huge upgrade. Champion Physiotherapy and our hired gym on Watland street was a huge impediment logistically for clinician’s patient care. Therefore, we couldn’t pop down and greet regular patients because the clinicians were constantly busy. We had drifted away from what we were all about – people & excellent health service.

In March 2019 we officially moved to 3409 Pacific Highway in Slacks Creek. The transition has been incredibly rough due to unforeseen circumstances and poor planning but as we overcome these issues. Despite this our health service quality and range are growing more than ever before. We now regularly run supermarket tours at Coles in Springwood and a range of other classes.

We just wanted to say thank you to all our regular patients we have looked after for years. You are the true champions and we always love seeing you and improving from your feedback. Many of you have helped us with moving, referrals, and your skills and our promise is that we will always be a people & quality service-oriented health clinic.

It's Time.

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