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National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

The NDIS is a national framework designed to support people living with disability and their families in accessing services to improve their lifestyle and allow equal opportunities.
Champion Health has a wide range of specialised services to support all disabilities, conditions and health concerns.

Our services include:


Exercise Physiology



Massage Therapy

Occupational Therapy


In addition, we also host and regularly co-ordinate the following at our clinic…

1:1 Cooking Sessions

1:1 Gym sessions

Cooking Social Classes

Gym Social Classes

Type 2 Diabetes Classes

What are some of the Conditions Champion Health treats?

We have 20-25 full time clinicians at each of our locations, so we have many clinicians with special skills and interests – chances are, we will be familiar with your concerns!

Here are some examples:


1. Acquired Brain Injury
2. Motor Neuron Disease
3. Functional Neurological Disorder
4. Spinal Injury
5. Multiple Sclerosis
6. Cerebral Palsy
7. Epilepsy
8. Dementia

Exercise Physiology

1. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
2. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
3. Down Syndrome
4. Intellectual Disability
5. Ankylosing Spondylitis
6. Gillian Barre Syndrome
7. Weight Loss / Muscle Gain
8. Heart and Lung conditions


1. PEGT Feeding
2. Eating Disorders; Anorexia Nervosa & Bulimia Nervos
3. Sensory Issues; ADHD, ASD, Asperger’s
4. Bariatric Pre / Post Surgery
5. Celiac Disease
6. Crohn’s Disease
7. Irritable Bowel Syndrome
8. Stoma Management

Massage Therapy

1. Chronic tightness
2. Chronic pain
3. Proprioception deficits (awareness of where your body is)
4. Mental Health issues (relaxation massage)
5. Stress
6. Sore muscles
7. Loss of light touch sensation or numbness
8. Loss of hot / cold sensations


1. Neurodivergent Behaviour Management i.e. ADHD, ASD, ODD, ADD 2. Anxiety and Stress
3. Agoraphobia
4. Trauma
5. Eating Disorders
6. Self Esteem & Confidence Issues
7. Chronic Pain
8. Cognitive Assessments for Alzheimers, Dementia, ADD, ADHD, Asperger’s.

Occupational Therapy

1. Assistive Technology Assessment, Ordering & Modification
2. Handwriting Support
3. Self-Care Skills
4. Motor Co-ordiantion Assessments
5. Behavioural & Sensory Supports
6. Environment Support
7. NDIS Assessments & Reports
8. Social Supports

How long is your Waiting List to see a service?

We are a community-focused clinic which means we are all about excellence in delivery, care and accessibility.

Generally, we uphold a rigid policy of less than 1 week of waiting time.

If there is an urgent need or session required, a support coordinator is encouraged to contact us, and we will help facilitate this request.

It's Time.

Book in today to get your goals and results faster


Champion Health have been the leaders in managing complex and lifelong conditions from 2016 long before the NDIS was overhauled.

We signed up late to the NDIS as we have always been busy helping participants find funding and utilise their health sessions to best support their goals and lifestyle.

These days, we see providers promise the world to participants, but the ulterior motive is to simply get participants in a routine and then forget them.

Champion Health provides the following (with permission):

  1. Written Goals & Clear Timelines collaboratively worked out with a professional
  2. Regular updates of participant progress to their support co-ordinators
  3. Encouraging complete health care by coming to Champion Health facilities for classes to meet new people and make friends
  4. No hidden costs
  5. A team of people always looking after and reviewing a participants progress.

We require a minimum of 24 hours to cancel an appointment.

If cancellation occurs with less than 24 hours, your session may still be invoiced.

Yes, we do help people get onto the NDIS.

Usually, we will find alternative funding to be able to provide assessment reports and often work in co-ordination with your support co-ordinators or an advocacy business.

Our waiting list times vary between each profession and currently average 3-5 days.

NDIS participants are key to our identity as the leaders in managing lifelong and complex conditions, so we go to extreme effort to ensure we get you in as soon as possible.

If you have an urgent requirement to get in, such as an urgent assessment requirement, please call our reception and we will do our best to find a solution.

Our clinic locations and contact details are as follows:

Champion Health Slacks Creek

3409 Pacific Highway, Slacks Creek, 4127

Phone: 07 3299 2794 E-mail: SlacksCreek@champhealth.com.au


Champion Health Eight Mile Plains

Building 2, 7 Brandl Street 4113

Phone: 07 3054 5554 E-mail: EightMilePlains@champhealth.com.au

As of 2024, Champion Health has started the registration process.

Yes, telehealth is available for all professions (except for massage therapy).

Commonly, telehealth is used when a change in transport situation has occurred, and the participant would still like to attend their session.

There is no fee for swapping between a physical and telehealth session on short notice.

Yes, we do home visits on request!

We cover Brisbane South, Ipswich, Logan and Gold Coast.

Due to the location of our clinics in Slacks Creek and Eight Mile Plains, you will see our allied health teams in many of our local suburbs.

Our local suburbs include: Daisy Hill, Meadowbrook, Crestmead, Woodridge, Logan Central, Marsden, Sunnybank, Rochedale, Rochedale South, Priestdale, Tarragindi, Coopers Plains, Acacia Ridge, Mount Gravatt, Wishart, Springwood, Kingston, Calamvale, Loganholme, Cornubia, Loganlea, Browns Plains, Park Ridge

Occasionally we will travel to Moreton Bay or Brisbane North regions on special request.

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