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Are you living with type 2 diabetes and want to learn more about…

  1. How Diabetes Works?
  2. The cheat sheet to enjoy sweets, lollies and takeout foods with diabetes?
  3. Which exercises can improve your diabetes?
  4. The secret to consistent energy throughout the day?
  5. How to ensure you’re not constantly going to the toilet?
  6. What sugars and carbohydrates have to do with each other?


Then you would LOVE our ‘Beginner Class’ stream.

The Beginner Class is for people who need a refresher on the fundamentals of living with diabetes or who have never been to a Champion Health diabetes class before.

If you’d prefer to learn more about…

Blood Glucose Levels & Monitors
Maintain steady Blood Glucose Readings
How to bake and cook with food technology
How to reduce medication usage or dependency
How to improve other diabetic symptoms i.e. feet, eyes or wounds
Whether diabetes can become ‘dormant’

Then you would LOVE our ‘Experienced Class’ stream.

The Experienced Class is for people who are managing their diabetes well and want to reach the next level of living a quality life!

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If you are a type 2 diabetic, you can get a type 2 diabetes referral form and have your GP sign it.

A signed type 2 diabetes referral form means you can attend the program for free and access 1 free 1 on 1 session with the instructor of the class to get a personal boost!

Submit your details below and you will be sent the Type 2 Diabetes Referral form to your e-mail for your GP to sign.

Otherwise, privately pay $30 per class or $200 upfront for a whole program e.g. Beginner or Experienced!

When are the Classes?

We run various classes at each of our locations.

The most common start times we have for classes are Mondays and Fridays; 12pm, 5pm and 6pm.

These are subject to change, so please call to find out further information.

How to Book?

There are 2 ways to book:

Call your closest Champion Health Clinic

Eight Mile Plains: 3709 5554
Slacks Creek: 3299 2794

Submit an Enquiry form below with your contact details and we will be in contact with you within 48 hours.

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